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Car window wipers to prevent water from seeping into the car door

Car window wipers are a good helper for preventing rain or dust from entering the car. These rubber strips will be installed on the edge of the car's door windows, which can be installed easily and quickly.

What are the advantages of insulation under the hood ?

Insulation under the hood can prevent engine heat. It doesn't let the heat go through and destroy the color of the car's hood, or some people think it can help reduce engine noise.

Why do you have to install a plastic dust cover on your car's wheel arches?

Plastic wheel arch dust shields help to prevent damage to the car's undercarriage because when we drive the car it is impossible to avoid crushing small stones and rubble will get stuck.

Simple steps to change the door rubber seal

Door seal rubber is installed along the edge of the car door to act as a cushion for the door edge and the car when the door is closed.